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Over the last century, drycleaning methods have gradually evolved resulting in cleaner, well preserved garments for its clients. Elite Cleaning equipment efficiency and reliability have improved. In addition, the continual experimentation of cleaning solvents over the years has produced safer, effective methods of dry cleaning.


We believe our biggest competitor is in your house, therefore we understand that saving you time and money should be our primary objective. We offer affordable prices so that everyone can take advantage of our services.

We always assume that customers are in a hurry and listen to their requests. We offer same day service Monday through Friday at Victoria location for items dropped off before 9:00 am.


Elite Cleaners offer drycleaning and laundry services. This includes professional stain removal, proper cleaning, and pressing.

We clean all types of clothing including suits, dresses, sport shirts, wedding dresses, and silk.

We also clean household items such as draperies, bedspreads, and tablecloths.

We offer a convenient press-only service for those who prefer to clean their own items but want that professional finished look.

Laundered items can be starched to your preference. Buttons are tightened or replaced at no charge. Shirt sleeves, pants, and jeans can be creased or not creased per your instructions. Shirts can be folded or placed on hangers.

Alterations are offered. Alteration services include replacing zippers, size adjustments, hem repairs and adjustments, cuffing, and much more.


A clean, laundered, and pressed shirt is necessary when making your first impression. We would love to help make this possible for you. We launder hundreds of shirts every day.

Business Hours:                                                     

Monday-Friday: 7AM-7PM                              Satuday: 9AM-2PM                                                    Sunday: Closed

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